Can I stay in break room or computer room for a few hours after clocking out?

Can I stay in break room or computer room for a few hours after clocking out?


I once had a shift that ended at 11 and my bf at the time worked overnights so he took me home on his lunch at 2 am. So I just watched legally blonde in the break room and ate a snack. No one will care.


Truthfully I'd ask your pl if you can get some ot and just work the extra three hours. At least one department in your store is in some stage of on fire and would gladly take the help to run some freight /do some pick walks/other things.


Cap 2 could ALWAYS use help.


You can stay. I've seen overnight people come in 3-4 hours early. I've had co-workers have to stay the night because their car wouldn't start and everyone else left.


You should be fine to stay. We’ve got couples who come in together who do just that since their shifts don’t actually coincide. One starts at 7 and the other at 10, so they sit or walk around the floor sometimes and wait for each other


I'm in that boat right now, and it fucking sucks


Husband starts at 7 ends at 4 while I work 8 to 5


I would recommend staying in the Subway or Mcdonalds’s whatever restaurant is attached. If not both the break room or computer room is fine. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.


Some people do a little socializing after clocking out or a final rest before going home.


Yeah it's fine. They really don't care, you're not on the clock anyways.


We basically live there anyway lol. Like someone else said, you could probably talk to a coach and see if they wanted some help. Had a girl in our store in this situation that the store manager approved her OT and she got 15 hours in a week helping out in dairy. Even though she was a cashier, the extra set of hands made a big difference considering there was only one set to begin with.


I would just sit in the comfortable break room chair.


You should be fine, but still might be a good idea let management know.


One of our cashiers was having home troubles and straight up lived in the store for 2 days.


Back a few years, I used to be stuck at the store from 3:30pm til around 8 waiting for my then (dickhead) fiance to get off work with our one car. No problems. I got several "what are you still doing here" questions but no problems from anyone.


Break room, yes. Computer room probably fine too if being used as extra break room.


There’s a few time I’ve had to stay in the break room for around an hour since uber takes forever. It’s fine as long as you aren’t spending the night there or something.