Noita, I am done. I love this game, but its mechanics are just abusive and waste player's time.

Noita, I am done. I love this game, but its mechanics are just abusive and waste player's time.


There are mods to allow save points, if that would make the game more fun for you here try it out https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2007426411&searchtext=save


Fucking hell, tl;dr The game is too difficult for you, if you don't have the mental constitution to get better at it, move on and play something else. You won't find validation here.


Jesus not another one of these posts


Mate, I do not care, when [THIS](https://i.imgur.com/CqJsxrs.gifv) happens and the devs do not have a save function to keep player's progress being lost, they are just giving their players a big middle finger. I love rogue likes, I really do, this is not and should not be one of them with the hours they are expecting people to put in to discover the secrets and the possibilities to be literally nuked out of existence through no fault of the player. If you are complaining that "oh no not another one of these posts" and the devs STILL have not listened, then I will stop advocating for a better game and just understand that the devs are set in their ways in presenting the game they think it should be played even if less than 10% of their players can actually do so, THAT IS IMMORAL and almost open to legal action if they did not present the game as being so difficult and unfair in their advertising. They have created a game and presented it in a way that 90% of their players cannot actually complete the game without resorting to outside mods, by ANY metric as a game developer that is a goddamn failure mate. Sorry you cannot see the moral implications in these metrics, BUT I CAN SO I WILL SPEAK UP. ​ Devs should always have a vision for their project, but they should also be flexible for how their userbase uses their product. If 90% of my products purchasers do not actually get to see and use the complete product, THEN THAT PRODUCT IS A FAILURE. Sorry you cannot see this.


The point is i opened the clip you sent and giggled honestly. I love some rogue-likes and other games who do similar random things like that. I think a save function would ruin Noita it sounds lame as hell. Like what's the point? I'm sure the devs considered it at some point and decided against it. I would not play Noita if it had a save function it would be boring as all hell. And i'm not an advanced player at all i have like 400 deaths and obviously no wins and i just learned how some people make wands. I realize if you expected something else that you are angry but i don't get how. First time i played i died in 2 seconds.


Legal action. Wtf are you waffling on about? It's a fucking video game, and you are clearly shit at it, that's not the anyones fault but your own.


I don't know, I've felt inclined to sue Nolla games for emotional damages after I fungal shifted weird fungus into acid while standing in a pile of it. Legal action is the only recourse


> If 90% of my products purchasers do not actually get to see and use the complete product, THEN THAT PRODUCT IS A FAILURE. Sorry you cannot see this. this is hilarious to me. literally blaming the devs for your failure as a gamer. sorry you cannot see this.


This is not the game for you. Totally fine. Personally I thrive on the difficulty. It’s so excruciating when I die 6 hours into a run, but I like it. It motivates me to jump back in.


The game seems to be basically complete at this point, so if 'players' want to enjoy this game they should use mods. I believe most of the changes you are looking for can be done with mods, but might take some searching. Plenty of us like the game as-is though!


The problem is to know how the wand building works, if you know this and don’t rush through the levels it is possible to win the game. And it would be the same for all the other players. I for myself have two friends on steam wich have the game but only a few play hours, they bought the game and don’t play it anymore, perhaps they like other games more. And if I count me in then only 33% should ever beat the game. The game is a challenge and some mechanics can be really frustrating. I had a good run and was careful as Gollum but teleported in a pool of acid - goodbye hours of gameplay and big luck on perks - this is frustrating and I deinstalled the game for some months. And then as I played it again I had a ng+++++ run and decided to stop there because I miss some content wich I need to beat the 33orb boss - 5 million dps per second is not enough if you believe me. In these times I try to find a good nightmare run because the lategame becomes a little bit boring, I hope that on nightmare mode the ng+ runs become a little bit more challenging. A good question, does anyone know if there are ng+ levels in nightmare and is the normal content like minibosses and sunquest… in nightmare modus?


A good thing to keep in mind is that the game is a waste of time whether you win or not, it’s not going to affect your life in a meaningful way. But the game is fun to play the whole time, so that part shouldn’t matter. It’s very valid not to like the way this game works. It has a very specific niche it targets and a lot of features that might alienate other players. However, most of us signed up for exactly this game when we downloaded it, so it’s not about what it “should” do to work more like other roguelikes; everything about it is distinctly and intentionally Noita


This has the article about dark souls and difficulty vibes.


Mods. Mods. Mods. Not the Devs fault you are bad but at least *you* can do something about it.