Proof the system is rigged!

Proof the system is rigged!


Pushing technology to replace workers without establishing a UBI system will definitely ends with the collapse of society.


*revolution* in society


I wish I still have faith.


Accelerationism gang rise up


In the case of a societal collapse fascism will take over. Socialism’s only chance is to occur before any collapse.


First step to star trek


I think people will just be pushed into more service roles to fulfill the desires of wealthy people. They'll prefer the experience of having people cater to them over machines because it reinforces their position in the social hierarchy. Fully automated food production and delivery will be for poor people while the rich have college graduates fetching them ketchup.


>They'll prefer the experience of having people cater to them over machines because it reinforces their position in the social hierarchy. There is some truth to this. I worked for an entertainment/sports complex where I was hostess to those in the upper class, box suites. I went and fetched their $10.00 glasses of Merlot and brought them $50.00 fruit and cheese platters so they wouldn't have to stand in line with the riff-raff who were ordering nachos and cheese that was shot out of a caulking gun.


Yup, lots of assistant or warehouse/blue collar type work. They'll give the ones who are really good at bending over management positions to beat the others into submission.




They're finally paying $15.50 to start in Colorado


It is funny that they chose a picture of an already existing replacement for cashiers as an argument against a higher minimum wage, like this things will get cheaper over the years, with more advanced technologies. And when they get massproduced, at one point even smaller businesses can just buy used, outdated ones, even cheaper You can't prevent this, just because you don't raise the minimum wage


What's really fun is that most fast food places are eventually going to be drive thru and delivery only. They've discovered that they can make more money and cut costs if they don't have a dining area to take care of. This trend was bound to happen, but [ghost kitchens](https://youtu.be/_Dt4biV7pto) really came into their own during the pandemic.


A computer powerful enough to run this cost 5$ or less The touch screen is expensive sure, but not more than a months pay.


Minimum wage workers will stop being worked to exhaustion and compliance in exchange for bare subsistence and instead have free time and energy to be mad at the system and nothing to lose? Sounds horrible, let's try it!


McDonald's is paying $17/hour and has a sign on bonus here in california. They are actually taking a lot of employees from other professions now because rural California is paying skilled tradesmen $14/hour in some cases.


I’m making $15/hr working as an apprentice plumber in San Diego. It’s poverty wage for so called skilled labor


You gotta get out of that place man. I know its difficult to take time off to go to a union hall and apply but damn take a day off here and there to look for other work... its not like you are gonna be out that much money.


2-5yr apprenticeship?


Plot twist: that has been going on the whole time because the greedy ass nuggets think they're paying us too much already.


These ordering ATMs have been in Europe since 2014 not sure why the US got them now.


Honestly as someone with severe social anxiety, those are a godsend.


As some one who enjoys shoplifting. Again, those are a godsend!


As if they wouldn't do that even without raising the minimum wage if their market analysts said it was possible.


Funny how all the businesses whine about a "labor shortage" instead of buying all the robots they've been talking about for years.


It is on its way, but corona caught them too early


But the minimum wage was low and they already added those things....so...


Hyperinflation incoming... so what little benefits that raise may have had are nullified. What a time to be alive!


Still paying $11 in FL


I mean... if you think that wasn't going to happen, I really suggest you look at your long-term thinking. This is everywhere in Europe. Fast food places staff maybe 4 or 5 people and only 1 takes orders if people come up. I'm not saying that as a reason to not push for higher wages, but at least understand how one affects the other and why you should be pushing for a UBI, automation taxes and free education.


good! we can all finally retire and let robots take care of us.


That's now. Without the human getting $15 per hour. Not sure about the touchscreen.


So implementing $15 an hour= you're screwed Staying as is= You're also screwed Thanks, tpusa, for showing that capitalism is a shit system that screws you no matter what! It's high time to transition to something different. Also, this is kind of automation is going to happen no matter what anyway, with or without the min. wage raise. Capitalists will always look to cut on every cent.