Minoya Arare

Speaking of a snack to go with beer, “edamame” soybeans are usual in Japan, but “kaki-pea” (“kaki-no-tane” and peanuts) is very popular, too. The origin of the brand name of kaki-no-tane rice crackers is from its shape similar to a persimmon’s seed. It is made by baking glutinous rice in an oven into the fixed form, with a red pepper seasoning on the surface being the most common, but there are salt and wasabi-flavored versions as well.

My recommended "beer gaki" is seasoned with an extract of beef and vegetables, with salt from Sicily and the sharp taste of habanero pepper. This rice cracker is larger than the kaki-no-tane product, and the strong seasoning is a key feature as the affinity with peanuts is distinguished. The flavor is perfect for adults. If I begin to eat it, I can’t stop! Minoya’s rice cracker is exported to the mainland U.S. and Europe and sold under the Tomoe brand name in Hawaii.


1-6, Kominato-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
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