Special Report

Let’s start sightseeing in Yokohama with Sankeien Garden. Take a walk, appreciating a Japanese garden, nature in her four seasons, and historic buildings.

If you go sightseeing in Yokohama, you should go to Sankeien Garden. It is a vast Japanese garden of 17.5 ha created by a businessman in Yokohama, Sankei Hara, who made a fortune by silk trading in the Meiji period. It has a three-story pagoda and 17 old folk houses around a main pond. The garden is filled with flowers in each season. First, enter the garden and start walking from the main pond near the entrance. If you luckily find a volunteer tour guide, it is recommended that you should join the tour. Ask the starting time of the tour and meet at a designated place, and the tour starts. You will be taught how to walk in Sankei Garden.

Ume blossoms and cherry blossoms bloom in early spring. You can see splendid maple leaves in fall. Whenever you come, you will always be welcomed by beautiful flowers and trees and little birds. The garden is surrounded by such abundant nature that you will forget that you are in the city of Yokohama. You can enjoy strolling with your heart enriched by its beauty.

In the garden, there are some restaurants and café where you can have amazake (sweet sake) and oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup).
In addition, authentic tea ceremonies are held. You should try one. The manner of tea ceremony is not known even to Japanese. You may have a chance to be taught directly from a master dressed up in kimono.

There are several ways to go to Sankeien Garden, but the simplest way is by taking an express bus from Yokohama Station. Near the bus stop at the East Exit, there will be a guide. If you tell the guide that you want to go to Sankeien Garden, you will be advised to get off at Sakuramichi. Because there are not so many buses, it is better to check the timetable for coming back. If possible, it will be nice that you will spend a whole sunny day to enjoy the quiet, good old Japan in the city.