Special Report

Taya Caves, the world of subtle and profound beauty and of “nothing” in an urban area
-Josenji Temple-

It is located in Yokohama City. Take a bus from Ofuna Station and get off at Radon Onsen-mae, or Taya Caves.
Although they are in a city, they are large in scale.
The caves are said to have been a site of a house with the entrance on the side. The caves carved by a Buddhist monk using only one chisel in the Kamakura Period is wonderful.They are worth visiting because they are where you can feel the subtle and profound beauty and get to the spiritual status of “nothing.”
Josenji temple’s Taya Caves are like a hermitage. Josenji Temple is a temple of Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism. It is strongly recommended to those who are interested in Buddhism.
A session of seated meditation is held on the evening of the first Saturday every month. The chief priest will lead participants to the cave, where they will escape from the scene of uproar and reach the spritual status of “nothing.”