Special Report

Lunch Cruise with ocean breeze and sunshine
– Yokohama cruise ship Marine Shuttle

Yokohama Port offers extensive cruise ship services that you can choose according to your schedule and taste. Marine Shuttle, in particular, offers a South European style, casual cruise that, although compact in scale, covers all the attractions and sightseeing spots of Yokohama.

The cruise ship departing Yamashita Park at 11:30 offers a 60-minute lunch cruise.
For the lunch option, you need to pay an extra charge of 900 yen for hamburg lunch, plus cruise fee of 1,600 yen, totaling 2,500 yen. 400 yen worth of beverage is included in the charge and you can order a drink of your choice at the restaurant on the ship.
There are also a variety of soft drinks you can choose from.
Marine Shuttle is the perfect cruise ship where you can enjoy meals, changing views and cruise all at the same time.
English announcements are provided on the ship.

Reservation is available for a limited number of seats in the restaurant. Credit card accepted. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in Yamashita Park.