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Access Information:  Kanagawa Prefecture is located next to Japan’s capital Tokyo.  From Haneda Airport it takes about 22 minutes by train to reach directly Yokohama, a central city of Kanagawa Prefecture. If you want to visit Hakone, a famous resort attraction in Kanagawa, limousine bus service is available taking 80 minutes from Haneda Airport. At  Hakone, you can enjoy a nice view of Mt. Fuji, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan

Kanagawa Access Guide
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Kanagawa Prefecture is located next to Tokyo.
If you use a train or a limousine, it will arrive from Haneda Airport immediately to Kanagawa Prefecture.
When you come to Kanagawa Prefecture, please use this access guide.

Railway Access
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Route Map for your information: The attached map shows various ways for transportation connecting Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.: railway, bus and subway routes. With lots of natural scenic beauty and historical assets, visiting Kanagawa will surely satisfy you. We will heartily welcome you.

Tourist Information Center

There is a tourist information center in which the staff the greatest city in within the prefecture, Yokohama, an ancient city, Kamakura, and Mt. Fuji can be seen, and who can speak a foreign language in an international health resort and Hakone is present on the outskirts of a station of a railroad.
Please use, when are troubled, and you want information.