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Trip to uninhabited natural island (Sarushima) by Agus


Trip to uninhabited natural island (Sarushima) by Agus

I heard that there is a uninhabited island called Sarushima in Tokyo bay, so I’m going to find out what kind of island it is!!
Yokosuka-chuou Station
Map from Yokosuka-chuou station
The city sights of Yokosuka
Shiyakusho-mae Park
Mikasa park avenue
The miniature of Nihon-maru at Mikasa avenue
Deai (Encounter)


Mikasa Park
The entrance of Mikasa park
 The sights of Mikasa park
Bronze statue of Heihachiro Togo, The fleet Admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy
during Russo-Japanese war. He is one of Japan's greatest naval heroes.
This steam locomotive is used as a water tank for emergencies.


The monument of light
One of eight music fountains in Mikasa park
The open air fountain
The museum of Mikasa Battleship
Mikasa Piere

Sarushima is an uninhabited island, located just off the coast of Yokosuka, Kanagawa that can be visited 10 minutes by boat ride from Mikasa park, 1200 Yen for adults, and 600 yen for childern.

The boat
The entrance of Sarushima


Sarushima is the only natural deserted island in the Tokyo bay, and during the Meiji period it was used as a fortress once, but these days it Sarushima is a popular trip destination in summer as fishing, picnics, swimming and birdwatching place.


Behind the name


Sarushima means Monkey Island in English, but there are no actual Monkey on the island. There are many myths about behind the name of Sarushima, one of the myths tells that there was a priest lost his way on the sea by the storm, and a white monkey appeared and led him to the island where he could land safely.


Umiu is nest

For the birdwatching activity, Sarushima is an natural habitat for Umiu (Temminck's cormorant)

The snow which looks like white rock is the nest of the bird, covered with the birds feces and urine.




Sarushima can be accesed from Yokosuka Chuo Station on the Keihin Electric Express Railway line , it’s about 350 yen from Yokohama Station.
Address: 82, Inaoka, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, Japan.
TEL 046-824-6291 (Mikasa Park Management Office)
 TEL 046-825-7144 (Sarushima Management Office)






Rental shop for the BBQ and etc


Exploring the island


The sights of Sarushima fortress
Map of the Sarushima fortress
Relics of the fortress
 Most of the doorways are blocked,
but the deeper you go, you can enjoy the exploration of the fortress!